Sungmart Sungbuy Dealglad - Company Specializes in Rip-Offs -- Co. Promised Merchandise but Never Sent It.

Not resolved

Had ordered from (direct order from Chinese-based website) once before without a problem. Second order was only partially filled.

I ordered (and paid for) 12 pieces of an item and only received 5. Kept e-mailing them and was promised balance of order would be shipped. Didn't happen.

Instead, they changed their website from Sungmart to Sungbuy to Couldn't raise anyone until I complained on their Facebook page. Then someone responded. But no stuff ever arrived. They just kept promising it would come.

The purchase was covered by PayPal guarantee, but that only is good for 45 days and the co. strung me along past this deadline.

(Thank you Paypal. Would it be a big deal for you to cover an extra 15 days or so? Would be to me, but probably saves PayPal big $ and saves face with the Fabulous Guarantee they are promoting to the world (like on eBay right now -- thanks (for nothing) Lynda Talgo, VP, Global 'Trust'.))

So, no merchandise and no Sungmart or Sungbuy or Dealglad or whatever they are today. Somewhere in China is my payment and one happy scam artist. Buyer Beware!

Review about: Novelty Lighter.

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